Hey everyone! Please look through this document – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N0lMOe-BV5qJsPo8jEkjSeJuH_CV-TDOvk4dfozD-Pc/edit?usp=sharing It contains the schedule for the the first 10 days of the walk, in which we are joining the Great Walk Network.The full schedule will be available soon, still searching for a final camp around Kalamunda, let us know if you have any contacts in that area.
We will be parked at base camp in Albany – Gledhow at 45 walmsley road from the 26th/27th September. Please let us know if you are coming down early, and would like to settle in with us.Bus is departing from Pinakarri Community (4 Bottril St) at 9.00am on Saturday 28th September let us know if you need a seat on the bus

Registration is here –

Please fill in as much information as you can.

Operations and What to ExpectWe are aiming to operate as a community, sharing resources together, and looking out for everybody’s needs.A general day will look something like this – 6.30 – wake up call, breakfast and lunch prep. Lunch to be packed into lunchbox. Collectively pack down of camp. (Remember to Bring container for lunch)Yoga?Circle – Review of the walking route. Your gear will be loaded into support vehicles, so you won’t have to carry much Walkers walk, while the support crew for the day, finish packing down camp, and drive everything to the next camp. (this will be organised on a group and rotational basis)The set up crew will set up Kitchen space, washing station, toilet hole and Communal tents. Then they will begin on Dinner.CampingYou’re welcome to bring your swag or tent and tarp, however we will have a few communal tents, so you don’t need to set up your own tent everyday – you can just roll out your bedding when you arrive.

Weather – In October, the South Coast can still receive high amounts of rainfall, so pack well for rain, and bring tarps, and extra rainjackets.Food – We encourage people to bring local/organic produce. Food will be vegan/vegetarian friendly, and depending on capacity, we will try to making options for Gluten Intolerant and other dietary needs. Please bring your own luxury items, and contributions are welcome, however we are doing what we can to keep things local/organic/biodynamic/ spray free, and would appreciate as much effort as possible towards reduction of waste.Equipment – Day pack, Lunch Box, Water Bottle, Eating utensils, bowl/plate – preferably marked for ease of identifyingTent or Swag (if you don’t want to sleep in communal tents) ropes and pegs, and tarpSleeping mat and sleeping gear Head torch and or lantern (candle lanterns preferred) Footwear (unless you’re a barefoot champion) There will be some difficult areas Towel /s and several changes of clothingRobust wet weather gear – look into Oilskin jackets on gumtree or fb marketplace (we are walking along South Coast – can get very wet.)Sun Hat, warm hat Warm clothes for cold weather / eveningsIf you’re sensitive to the sun, Vera has offered some vegan homemade sunscreen, without the additional chemicals. Be wary of commercial sunscreens – as they pollute the water systems, which we will use for swimming/washingBring Washing flannel/ and CHEMICAL FREE natural soap (if needed) there will be plenty of lemons and apple cider vinegar to wash with ☺
We would love documentation of the walk through videos and pictures, and we may use electronic devices for mapping in certain areas. HOWEVER we make a gentle request to use phones and electronic devices privately, away from public spaces, as we are hoping to create an environment more free from electronic equipment. There will be the option of placing your phone in a box, for the duration of the walk ☺

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