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Great Walks are all about people camping together in nature to walk the land and live in community sharing responsibilities. We organise food, walks, activities and provide equipment including a bus, kitchen facilities and a marquee for shelter. Sometimes we walk out of camp and other times we bus to and from the start of a walk. Walks are are organised for interest and variety and cater to all levels of ability.


We mainly walk in the South West of Western Australia and have occasional walks inland and further north.


We organise two walks per year during Autumn and Spring school holidays, plus a summer camp.

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The Great Walk is a non-profit organisation run by a committee of volunteers.

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Latest news – November

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Summer Camps Boranup then Tribal Grounds (Nannup) Boranup 28th Dec. 2020 to 6th Jan 2021. Then over to Nannup Tribal Grounds: 6th Jan. to 11th Jan. (or stay longer)The first campsite is adjacent to the Boranup Forest and close to Hamelin Bay on private property 20 kms north of Augusta. We have had two previous summer camps here. It is a lovely spot and there are plenty of activities and many beautiful areas just a short GWN bus ride away. [...]

Upcoming Walks

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Autumn Walk 2021 We are planning to walk in the lower south west Stirling ranges and the Pongerups. More information will be posted after summer camp. It will be around the school holiday times, dates depend on campsite availability. Walks will be carefully considered with options for different levels of difficulty.


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