About us

About Great Walks. Camps normally run for around 10 days, and are held in spring and autumn. We try to arrange them during the school holidays so parents and their children can also attend. A less structured camp is held in early January.Walkers are encouraged to stay for the duration to get the most benefit, but you may come and go any time. Costs are kept to a minimum and we try to have some flexibility for those who need it. The camps are family friendly, vegetarian, drug and alcohol free and encourage environmental / social care and awareness.

At the spring and autumn camps we organise food, walks, activities and talks. Sometimes we walk into or out of camp and other times we bus to and from the start of a walk. Mostly there are intermediate and alternate pick up points for those who do not wish or are unable to do a complete walk. Complete walks are usually about 10 to 15 kilometers and are organised for interest and variety. Over the 10 days camp we tend to move camp once so that we can walk in a new area, further down the track usually.

The summer camp is similar but with more emphasis on recreation and leisure (less walking and moving camp) some walking, swimming, reading and social activities as desired. Camping here is more in the line of bring some food for yourself and some to share, generally the food is cooked communally and we make up deficiencies as required.

We welcome new members, and are a non-profit organisation which keeps the cost of these camps affordable. Membership fees are $20 for an individual and around $35 for a family, membership is required for insurance coverage.

Frequently asked questions

  Will there be alcohol

No. GWN policy is NO drugs or alcohol. Best to get drunk on country and good company.

  How physically fit do I need to be?

A reasonable fitness level will be required to get the maximum enjoyment out of the trip. However, you are free to sit out any of the walks or excursions.

  Who puts my tent up, does the cooking, washing up, unpacking and packing luggage etc.?

We all do everything except drive the vehicles (unless you have been asked to help)

  Who buys the food?

The food co-coordinator does the shopping (unless you have been asked to help)

  What if I have special diet needs?

GWN caters for dietary requirements. Let us know your requirements and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

  What if I like certain teas, milks and breads?

If you are particular, bring your own but keep in mind, if you leave it out and unattended, others may inadvertently eat or drink it. GWN takes no responsibility for personal items. You also need to recognise that there is limited room in the fridge. The group food is the priority.