Think globally, act locally.
We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

  • To foster a positive approach to conservation and environmental issues, within individual members and within the group.

  • To balance the needs for inner transformation of individual members with the outward action required to heal our planet; and to create a peaceful, caring and supportive atmosphere in all its activities.

  • To provide members and the public at large with direct participation and involvement in the environment that we are all dependant upon for our survival by forest walks and forest gatherings, and other activities that will increase awareness and enjoyment of and responsibility towards our unique Southwest environment.

  • To educate and increase awareness in members and the public of the issues which threaten our environment, with particular emphasis on our remnant native forests and their associated indigenous flora and fauna.

  • To promote the networking and better communication of various conservation organisations on local, state, national  and international (global) levels by whatever means.

  • To develop a flexible approach to the environmental issues which affect us and to be able to commit our energy and resources to whatever action is appropriate at the time whether this be:

    • Education and awareness
    • Political action
    • Artistic expression
    • Non-violent direct action.