Hi Great Walkers

In April we held the Great Walk in the Great Western Woodlands near Norseman. Another very special walk, with four nights camping on Fraser Ranger Station and 4 on the edge of beautiful Lake Dundas. It was fabulous to connect with Therese at the Railway Hotel, and for her to join us for a few days. We did some superb walking in the Woodlands, and explored the Ranges, as well as doing a day trip to climb Peak Charles, where the Walk has been before. Although a relatively small group (around 20 joined for part or all of the walk) the Walk proceeded with no problems and convivial cooperation of all participants.

Future walks coming up

The Great Walk will be providing some support for the forthcoming Walkatjurra Walkabout Walking for Country in the Leonora area to be held in August for 4 or so weeks (see http://walkingforcountry.com/ for enrolment and other details) which follows on from the successful Walk away from Uranium Mining held in August last year.

Between 2nd and 11th October 2012 is forthcoming the Northcliffe Wildflower Great Walk – details elsewhere on the Great Walk Website – being coordinated by Chris, Shelley and Marina. Do come along to this family friendly walk, and encourage new folk with their families to join in.

Summer Camp

Provisional plans are being hatched for a summer camp on the south coast, probably near Youngs Siding, Denmark and early in the near year. Details will go up on our website later in the year.

Yatra walk in January

The Great Walk will be supporting a Yatra/Deep Ecology Walk in the Northcliffe area to Warren National Park, in part on the Bib track –a special organised walk between 18th and 23rd Jan 2013, which precedes a 5 or so day eco convention at Donnelly River. The walk will have a focus on eco-sprituality and deep ecology. Details of this walk will be available from www.yatra.org.au

I am currently in Europe, as part of a four month journey that will take me to northern Europe, Findhorn Community in Scotland and the USA. d I will be sorry to miss the first two walks coming up but do look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Summer camp in January. I can still be easily reached on basilsATwn.com.au



Basil Schur Co-coordinator, Great Walk