We wake up at 6am, with a soft voice and a gentle tune on the guitar, my new favourite way to be woken up by far. I gather my things and brace myself for the journey ahead and roll out of bed. Lace up those boots put on those sandy socks, undies, leggings and top, quickly brush my teeth and hair and then I’m off.

Dilly bag in one hand, camp chair in another, mum and I support one another. Lunches to make, breakfast to eat and a community which makes our hearts beat.Another day, another bus ride, walking on this track with beautiful people by my side.

Step by step we feed our souls with laughter, nature and joy for all. Whales breach, dolphins leap and songs play in my head on repeat. The rhythm goes to my feet and I am able to complete another blissful day with the Great Walk.

Written and performed by Morgan Burke (25)