Cape to Cape Walk Itinerary

15-25th April 2019

Monday 15 April Bus leaves at 9am from Pinikarri, 4 Bottrill St, Hamilton Hill. Arrive at Malcolm Mortimer’s, Boranup

Tuesday 16 April  Light house /or water wheel to cosy corner  about 20km 

                             Pick up /drop offs at 3km, 5km and 8km then none to end at 20km

Wednesday 17 April Cosy Corner to Hooley  Road ( in boranup forest )  about 20km

                          Pick ups / drop offs at 5km then none to end at 20km

Thursday 18 April Hooley Road to Yates Road  ( above Prevelly ) about 21km

                            Pick ups / drop offs at 9k, 15k then none  to end at 21km

Friday 19 April  Move camp to Annie Malcolm’s, Ellensbrook.

                         Yates Road to Ellensbrook homestead  about 16km

                          Pick ups /drop offs at 5km, 6km,  then none to end at 16km

Saturday 20 April Rest Day. Committee meeting.

Sunday 21 April. Ellensbrook to Willyabrup cliffs  about15km

                             Pick ups / drop offs at 4km, 5km,  then none to end at 15km.

 Monday 22 April Willyabrup to Injidup  about 16km.

                            Pick ups /’ drop offs at 5km, 7km. then none to end at 16km.

 Tuesday 23 April Injidup to Yallingup about 11km

                            Pick ups / drop offs at 3km, 5km, 8km then none to end !!!

Wednesday 24 April Yallingup to  Cape Nat Lighthouse  about 14km.

                             pick ups /drop offs at 12 km  None before then to end at 14km.

Thursday 25 April Pack up and go home

Total walk about 133km

Nb eight days walking . arrive 15th walk on.16th,17th ,18th, 19th, (20th rest day) 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th.  Pack up and return to homes on the 25th. There will also be the option of just walking for the day and people will have to make their own arrangements to join us.

Walk to start from Augusta and  walk north. and to be a genuine and continuous  walk for those who desire it ! There are also lots of side / shorter walks / attractions for those who so choose.

It will be an iconic walk, not to be missed by those who want a supported walk along the track.  Numbers to be limited to about forty ( more than that pose logistical problems ) So get in early  with expression of interest !

As it is intended to walk in all weathers and at this time of year the weather along the coast can be wet, cold and windy. Walkers will need to be well equipped with wet weather gear ( clothing and  tents etc. ) Though ( but don’t rely on it ) the weather can also be pleasant. At least the wind should be mostly to our backs. ie from the south west.

Current planning is to have two camps and to bus to and from start/ / finish of daily walk as needed. ( with interim shorter pick ups where possible )

Costs are to be kept to a minimum.

Mobile phone use ( most of the area will be covered ) and electronic device use encouraged but  in private rather than in community but may be useful if any one gets lost ( unlikely as track well marked and  will be shepherded)

An attempt will be made to get local guides for their  sections of the track ( and speakers for the evenings )

Catering  will be restricted in range to group requirements, so if you need exotic teas/ milk/ cereals etc it will be wise to bring them yourself ( this is to keep the more expensive or exotic  items as individual responsibilities rather than group costs.) Suggestions to add items for general consumption with be considered.

Things to take on the Walk

Robust tent and robust pegs and spare pegs ( ie water  proof / resistant as at this time of the year it can be wet and windy )  Some extra cord for tying tent / fly to trees or extra pegs.

Sleeping mat and sleeping gear ( ie sleeping bags  rated for cold weather, hot water bottle ? )

Head torch and / or camping lantern, batteries to suit and or chargers  ( will try and have USB and 240 volt charge facilities available )

Robust and comfortable footwear ( some sections are wet and some have sharp rocks / sticks, possibility of snakes if hot !)

Towel /s and several changes of clothing ( if too many clothes/ bedding get wet may be able to go to Margaret River and use Laundrette / driers ).

Robust wet weather gear  We are walking along the coast and wind and rain can / will be penetrating. Weather can change rapidly during the course of the day ) ( small umbrella ? )

Lunch Box ( with several compartments is good )  Some snack bars / chocolate / treats ? Water bottle

( plastic or metal ? )

Eating hardware ( plate or bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon. Preferably unique or marked as washing of own plates etc. to be encouraged and personal gear left lying about should be left to owner to clean

Mobile Phone, camera, laptop all   encouraged but ideally to be used in private or discretely

Chair / stool preferably compact  ( ie. No/ or small wings ! )

Mat for sleeping / yoga / sitting


Warm clothes for cold weather / evenings

Walking Sticks / Poles if desired

Personal Requirements (medications , glasses etc. ) Some analgesics  ? plaster strapping ? insect repellent ?

At this time of the year it can be fine but over the course of 10 days it may also be wet.  As we are close to the coast it can also be windy and cold as the weather comes generally from the south and the west ( from Antarctica… Cold and windy or from the West .. a long way  over the ocean and strongly ). ( fortunately the wind should be at our backs for most of the way !!!!! ) We will not have facilities to dry clothes / bedding at the camp unless we make a trip to August or Margaret River to a Laundromat and Driers . So bring sufficient  warm clothes and wet weather gear.

General rule for travelling:  Take half as much gear …… and twice as much money !  Yeh Yeh !

Please take the GWN bus or carpool as much as possible as we will be staying at people’s homes (their front yards just happen to be a forest) and the less damage we do the better.