Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we camp?

We camp in a variety of places, however mostly we camp on the properties of friends of the walk.

Are there toilet and shower facilities?

We dig long drop toilets and there are handwashing facilities to ensure good hygiene. There are no shower facilities, however most days there is the opportunity to swim or you can bring your own water to have a (water conscious) bucket bath.

Is water available on the walk?

There is water provided on the walk for cooking, washing dishes and drinking. We do ask people to be mindful of water use to ensure we have enough over the time of the walk.

Is there any transport to the walk?

Each walk is different. The bus is kept at Busselton so depending on where you are travelling from this may be possible. Email for more information. We encourage carpooling so please use our FB page to check on possible shared rides.

What food is provided on the walk?

Three meals a day are provided, breakfast and dinner are prepared at camp, lunch is a pack your own picnic lunch. All meals are vegetarian. While we do try to cater for a variety of dietary requirements, if you have specific needs you may wish to bring these items with you.

Power & phone reception

Be mindful that many sites don’t have power for charging devices or phone reception.

If you need your phone as a safety emergency device or to take photos, the truck has a power outlet, which can sometimes be used to charge phones, otherwise please bring a small portable battery charger.


If there is no fire ban in place, we all contribute to setting fires to sit around for the evening and cooking meals. The fire for dinner needs to be started early 2.30-3pm at the latest, in time for there to be hot coals to cook on for the evening and ensure everyone gets fed at a reasonable hour.

Can we drink alcohol and smoke on the walk?

Due to our walks being family friendly, our walks are alcohol and drug free.

What is expected of me on the walk?

Each evening a roster is set up and we ask all walkers to offer their time over the walk to help with leading walks, fire preparation, food preparation, dish washing and keeping the camp clean. The walk is about community so we hope everyone plays a part over the walk.

How do I pay?

Payment details should be on the registration form for each Great Walk. We also require everyone to pay their annual membership fee to ensure they are insured. Payments are ideally done online before arriving at camp so we can arrange the food ordering etc.

How can I get more involved with the Great Walk?

There are many ways to get involved including joining the committee, driving the bus or doing the food coordination. Please discuss this with the coordinator or someone on the committee.