Starts Monday 12 April (after Fairbridge Music Festival)

This Walk starts after Fairbridge Music Festival, on Monday 12 April 2021, commencing at the new conservation property acquired by community group Green Skills as part of Gondwana Link near Rocky Gully and Frankland. Three nights of camping exploring local wetland and bushland reserves that form an important part of Gondwana Link’s ( eco-linkages between the Walpole Wilderness Area and the Stirling Ranges.

From there the Great Walk moves for 5 nights to a campsite on farmland off Filmer Road next to the Stirling Ranges, for walks across Salt Lake country on farms north of the Stirlings as well as such wonderful sites as Mt Magog in the Stirlings and Nancy’s Peak in the Porongurup National Park.


The bus can leave from Fremantle and/or Fairbridge if there is adequate demand. Please register on the form if you would like this option or carpool you reduce the number of vehicles and prevent us from becoming the “Great Drive”.

Getting There

Camp 1 Tootanellup Corner Rocky Gully Road/Caldwell Road

The first camp is at Tootanellup, on a conservation property acquired by Green Skills for eco restoration. It is at Lot 2249 Rocky Gully Rd, corner of Caldwell Road.

To get there from Perth, travel to Kojonup, and then take the Frankland Road To Frankland township.. From Frankland travel 14 km towards Rocky Gully and then turn left (east) into Rocky Gully Road. Travel 13.1km and at the junction of Caldwell Road turn left into the paddock and follow the Great Walk signs to camp.

From Mt Barker, From the Roundabout on Albany Highway turn left (west) into Muir Highway travel for 56.8 km. Turn right into Quindabellup Road North. After 5km turn right into Rocky Gully Road. After 4km come to junction with Caldwell Road. At this corner turn left and follow Great Walk signs across the paddock to campsite.

Camp Site 2 Filmer Road, Kendenup

Travel to the Town hall, at the centre of Kendenup township, which is 3km off Albany Highway ( turn east 16.1km north of the Mt Barker Roundabout on Albany Highway). From Kendenup Town Hall, Cross the railway line, turn left, travel for about 500m and then right into Red Gum Pass Road towards the Stirling Range National Park Follow Red Gum Rass Road for about 9.5km to junction with Filmer Road. Turn right into Filmer Road. Follow this Road for about 1km and then follow signs to Great Walk camp in adjoining farmland.

Things to take on the Walk

To avoid spreading dieback please clean the underside of your vehicle and your shoes before leaving home and coming to camp.

  • Robust tent and robust pegs and spare pegs ( ie water proof / resistant as at this time of the year it can be wet and windy ) Some extra cord for tying tent / fly to trees or extra pegs.
  • Sleeping mat and sleeping gear ( ie sleeping bags rated for cold weather, hot water bottle ?)
  • Head torch and / or camping lantern, batteries to suit and or chargers
  • Robust and comfortable footwear
  • Towel /s and several changes of clothings ).
  • Robust wet weather gear ( small umbrella ? )
  • Lunch Box ( with several compartments is good ) Some snack bars / chocolate / treats ?
  • Water bottle( plastic or metal ? )
  • Eating hardware ( plate or bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon. Preferably unique or marked as washing of own plates etc. to be encouraged and personal gear left lying about should be left to owner to clean
  • Mobile Phone, camera, laptop all encouraged but ideally to be used in private or discretely
  • Chair / stool preferably compact ( ie. No/ or small wings ! )
  • Mat for sleeping / yoga / sitting
  • Hat.
  • Warm clothes for cold weather / evenings
  • Walking Sticks / Poles if desired
  • Personal Requirements (medications , glasses etc. ) Some analgesics ? plaster strapping ? insect repellent ?
Registration Form

Please click here to download the registration form word document, fill it in and send it to

Walk Itinerary

*subject to change

Day 1 – Monday


Set up camp at Tootanellup, Green Skills’ conservation corner  Rocky Gully Road/Caldwell Road, near Rocky Gully.

Day 2 – Tuesday


Bus trip to the Start. Walk from Muir Highway near Mt Roe National Park alongside Tootanellup Nature Reserve and other reserves  back to the Great Walk camp at Tootanellup.  About 10km with  a bush pickup at 5km.

Day 3 – Wednesday


Walk from Camp to Poorrarecup Lake crossing various reserves and farmland.About 17 km with  a bus pickup at 6km

Day 4 – Thursday


Travel about 75km to the next campsite to the next Great Walk camp site, on Filmer Road, close to Stirling Range National Park. Short walk around camp near the boundary with National Park.

Day 5 – Friday


Bus to Salt River Road  and Walk on farmland across Salt Lake country to Bobs Lake ( Yegan’s Pool) Bird hide off Brickhouse Road, near Cranbrook . This walk will have a focus on salt lake and shorebird conservation projects on these farms.  About 16 km with a bus pickup at about

Day 6 – Saturday


 Bus trip to Mt Magog in the Stirling Range national park. walk and Climb.  Up to 8km climb and walk including return.

Day 7 – Sunday


Bus Trip to Stirling Range National park for walk and climb.

Day 8 – Monday


Bus Trip to Porongurup National Park and Walk up Nancy’s Peak, as well as visit to Twin Creek conservation reserve ( owned by Friends of the Porongurup Ranges).. Up to 7km climb and walk including return.

Day 9 – Tuesday


Pack up camp and home
Contacts and Further Information

Coordination: Basil Schur



Registrations: Vera Ross

0401 403 451

Registration form

Food Coordination:

Sheila Murray 0898451871

Judith Linnett 0498 384 141