Walking and Singing on wonderful country

How special it is to walk and sing on the special country connecting the Mt Roe, Stirling Range ( Koi Kyenunu-ruff) and Porongurup National Parks. The Great Walk Network, with input from Green Skills, just completed nine days of walking and camping. Warm camp fires, season opening rain, bush corridors, salt lakes, and ancient mountains! Add lots of delicious vegetarian meals, celebratory songs, guided tours on regenerative agriculture and eco restoration, and much more for more info on Gondwana Link.

Highlights of our “Gondwana Connections” Walk

On our creative performance night, with the very talented MC Nanette, Helen and Vera sang to the melody of “I am sailing” (Rod Steward, forgive us)

1) We are walking
through Gondwana
with our backpacks on our backs
here’s a salt lake, there’s a flock of birds
there’s some orchids on the way

2) Our brave old truck
got stuck in the mud
the helping tractor
got also stuck
Lizzie’s trooper and Chris’s van got stuck
but Great Walk magic
pulled them from the mud

3) We are circling round the fire
enjoying veggie food
and sharing tales
signing up for jobs
planning next day’s walk
everyone’s chipping in,
it never fails

4)Climbing Mount Magog
was a challenge
but lovely flowers and stunning views
a few slips and trips, and very tiring
but magic hands and creams
heal everything

5) Every Great Walk
has its ups and downs
smelly toilets and leaky taps
but sharing nature
with new and old good friends
our love for the Great Walk
will never end.

Melody: Rod Steward
Text: Helen and Vera