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  • Cheynes Beach

Gondwana Link Walk April 2024

Our first camp for 2024 explored the exquisite coastal and Gondwana Link bushlands east of Albany.

We started near Cheynes Beach and breathtakingly beautiful coastal scenery.

Then we moved to Chingarrup, a 500 ha Gondwana Link private conservation property in Sheoak woodland near Boxwood Hill.

During our stay we visited Nowanup, a well-known […]

Cape to Cape 2023

We wake up at 6am, with a soft voice and a gentle tune on the guitar, my new favourite way to be woken up by far. I gather my things and brace myself for the journey ahead and roll out of bed. Lace up those boots put on those sandy […]

  • Tribal Grounds 2022

Tribal Grounds 2022

How wonderful it was to visit the Tribal Grounds again. I loved the journey from Freo through the pouring rain to the quaint little town of Nannup.

We were welcomed by Rona who had settled in keeping the fire going in the warm comfortable and clean house. We went to look […]

  • Meal time at the Great Walk Network Tribal Grounds, Nannup

Summer Camp at the Tribal Grounds 2019

What a wonderful gathering of friends and family. Many reunions were celebrated and a lot of joyful sharing marked the event as the special occasion it was.

It was good to see so many children present as well as newcomers.

There was plenty of opportunity for short walks, a dip in the […]