GWN Great Western Woodlands Walk

This walk will focus on connecting and caring for one of the largest intact woodland ecosystems on earth.

We will start our walk on the historic Holland track, and venture deep into the heart of the Salmon Gum and salt lake country. It is planned to connect with the traditional owners of the area, the Ngadju people at our second campsite, as well as hear from reps from conservation groups campaigning for the Woodlands as part of the Gondwana Link program.

(Itinerary subject to modification)

Tuesday 29 Sept to Thursday 8th October 2015


Day 1

Tuesday 29 Sept 2015

Departing from Fremantle Railway Station car park at 7am. Please bring your own lunch, water & snacks for the day. Travel past Hyden to camp site at Emu Rocks on the Holland Track. To get to campsite travel about 43km east of Hyden on Hyden Norseman Road. Before State Vermin Fence, turn right down Bushfire Rock Road for 11km then left into Marble Rocks Road for 1km and then left into Holland Track and follow signs about 4km to Great Walk Camp.

Day 2 Wednesday 30 Sept

Walk on part of the Holland Track, in Emu Rock area and around salt lake. Camp at Emu Rocks

Day 3 Thursday 1 October

Bus trip and walk to Lake Cronin. Camp back at Emu Rocks

Day 4 Friday 2nd October

Pack up Camp and Travel about 160km to next camp site near Banks Rock on the Victoria Rock Road, just north of its junction with the Hyden Norseman Road. To get to campsite travel to this junction, then head north for about 12km on the Victoria Rock Road, then look for signs of Great Walk Camp in the Banks Rock area.

Day 5 Saturday 3rd October

Walks near Banks Rock and Johnson Lakes

Day 6 Sunday 4th October

Walks around Banks Rock and Johnson Lakes .Camp at near Banks Rock.

Day 7 Monday 5th October

Pack up Camp and Travel to next camp site on Victoria Rocks Road at Victoria Rock Nature Reserve, about 46 km south of Coolgardie. Set up camp.

Day 8 Tuesday 6th October

Walks around Victoria Rock Nature Reserve

Day 9 Wednesday 7th October

Walks around Victoria Rock Nature Reserve

Day 10 Thursday 8th October

Pack up Camp, and Travel Home via Coogardie- Freo Bus arriving home probably late into the evening (unless group decides to camp out).

Contacts and Further Information

Coordination and Route– Basil Schur 0429481019

Registration : Kaya 9337 6072 or 0401 33 43 49

Food Coordination.. tba

Camp sites and other queries – Basil Schur 98481815, 0429481019

Registration Forms and Info:

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If the cost of fees are a problem for you and your family… please speak to us – we are keen to accommodate people in financial hardship- so they can come on the walk