Great Walk in the Great Western Woodland

Tuesday 1st October to Thursday 10th October 2013

Subject to modification

The Great Walk bus will leave Fremantle early on Tuesday 1st October, camp near Elachbutting Rocks, near Mukindbudin on Tuesday 1, Wed 2nd, Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th October. On Saturday 5th October, the Great Walk will move above 140km to Helena Aurora Range (Bungalbin) and camp there Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th, Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th,Wednesday 9th and return back to Freo on Thursday 10th. An overnight walk included in that camp period.. Members of the Helena and Aurora Range Advocates Inc (HARA), have said they can camp with us and share their concerns and visions for the area

Because of the remoteness of the camp sites, we are planning that people will either join us on the first day Tuesday 1st October or on Saturday 5th at the Helena Aurora ranges (Bungalbin) NE of Koolyanobbing.

Notes on places proposed walk:

Elachbutting Rocks

Elachbutting rock cave

Elachbutting Rocks (

and nearby bushland is an amazing place (with its own Wave Rock) and set close to other bushland reserves and rock formations close to the former rabbit proof fence near Mukindbudin, about 350km NE of Perth on the edge of the Great Western Woodlands – thus an easy day’s drive from Perth and good to start off there.


The Helena and Aurora Range (Aboriginal name ‘Bungalbin’) is a magnificent banded ironstone formation (BIF) range in Western Australia that has National Heritage values and is worthy of protection from mining in a Class A Reserve and National Park and being declared a “No Go” area for mining.

The Helena and Aurora Range Advocates Inc (HARA), are not alone in having an appreciation of this range;

· Ken Newbey (botanist), on visiting Helena and Aurora Range for the first time in the 1980s, exclaimed “This should be a National Park”.

· The Yilgarn Shire on its website refers to the Helena and Aurora Range as Bungalbin Range and states that “It has spectacular rock formations and scenery, surpassed only by the Hamersley Range in Western Australia”

· Simon Nevill (writer and photographer) states in his book on Parks and Reserves of WA ” … in this northern Yilgarn region …. there is one range that should never be mined and that is Helena Aurora Range north of Koolyanobbing.”

· The EPA in 2007 called the range “one of the more significant biodiversity assets in WA”


For info on Helena Auroroa see

For further information, contact Basil on 98481815 0429481019

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Walk schedule:

Tuesday 1 October to Thursday 10 Oct 13

Day 1 Tuesday 1st October 2013

Travel to first campsite near Mukinbudin .

Perth/Freo bus will leave from Pinakarri, Coop 4 Bottrill Street, Hamilton Hill, near Freo at 7.30am.

Please bring your own lunch, water & snacks for the day.

Day 2 Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Walk in the Elachbutting Reserve with its spectacular rock formations, echoing cave and historic well

Day 3 Thursday 3rd October 2013

Visit and Walk to Yanneymooning Hill, 10km south of Elachbutting Rock.

Day 4 Friday 4th October 2013

Visit and Walk to Beringbooding Rock, NW of Elachbutting Rock, with is large rock catchment tank, a spectacular balancing rock and Aboriginal rock paintings.

Day 5 Saturday 5th October 2013

Move Camp

Day 6 Sunday 6th October 2013


Day 7 Monday 7th October 2013

Walks in Range – including overnight walk

Day 8 Tuesday 8th October 2013


Day 9 Wednesday 9th October 2013

Walk from Canebreak Pool to Chapman Hill Road (15 k)

Day 10 Thursday 10th October 2013

Pack Camp, Farewell, Return to Fremantle

Contacts and Further Information

Coordination and Route– Basil Schur

08 98481815 0429481019



Tim Dwyer

9284 0616 or 0437 286 462

220 Jersey St, Wembley, WA 6014

Food Coordinator(s) – tba

Transport and Bus – Ian Mott 0439 924 806

How to find campsites (More details will be provided in the fortnight prior to the walk)

First campsite: The campsite at Elachbutting Roch Reserve is about 50km north east of Mukinbudin. The last 6km is a track that winds its way to the base of the rock monolith. Look for the signs to the Great Walk camp site

Second campsite (Helena Aurora Ranges/ Bungalbin

From Perth to Southern Cross it is approximately 4 hours drive on Great Eastern Highway. From Southern Cross to Koolyanobbing (active mine site) it is about ~50 km, 45 min.

At Koolyanobbing you travel ~1 km past the Koolyanobbing ‘workers village’ towards K Pit, turning sharp right before the pit (is the first right turn available after the main entrance to the workers village). After another ~1 km you will come to a Stop sign at a haul road (to K Pit); Cross the haul road and then almost immediately there will be a track on your left saying To Mt Dimer. Take this track as it will take you to Helena and Aurora Range.

The track to Mt Dimer crosses the Koolyanobbing-Windarling Haul Road (with Stop sign); once crossed the track follows parallel to the Haul Road for a while until the Haul Road eventually veers away to the west. The track will take you straight to Helena & Aurora Range, taking you to a T junction at the range’s south-western end. At the T junction sirections to the Great Walk Campsite will be signposted

Please be careful crossing the Haul Roads and give the Dump Trucks and Haul Trucks lots of space (eg. let them go past before you cross).

For maps of the Range and access see