Dear Great Walk friends

Another end of a wonderful great walk year, first there was a summercamp down south near Denmark which was in a glorious spot ( on Ree’s property) and everybody who went had a great time and came back super relaxed. Darshi took the bus down there filled up with people from Perth. Then there was the walk in Walpole in April in stunning surroundings and wonderful weather.

In July a group of us left on the bus to the Kimberley, another whole mob flew in and joined us in Broome. It definitely was an amazing journey of which we came back 5 weeks later (on the same bus but with a different motor, but that is another story ) and for me definitely up there in the top 5 ( with the Broome walk ) of best trips in my life.

This last October Basil organized a trip between Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun, which people assured me when I joined for the last few days was up there with the best. There was a lovely atmosphere of friendship and cooperation especially between and with all the kids! Then there where ofcourse amazing walks in the Fitzgerald river National park. The wildflowers where all out, it was fantastic.

On all these walks the great walk bus and green trailer where present. The truck did its duty keeping us watered and fed on the April and October walks.

Great walk people stayed at the Great Walk block in Nannup in March.

Vera organized her yearly 1 day walk in the hills

And after every walk we had a reunion and slide night.

Every month, me, Debbie, Nan, Vera, Adele Tony and Gerard get together and have a committee meeting. We check that things are happening, being communicated, being paid and looked after. We drink wine and eat dips, and see who can do what.

Tony will take over the treasury from Nan this year, he has done this for many years, Gerard is creating the new website and does all the webby stuff and makes the newsletters and put’s them out.

I have been managing the bus, but Ian Mott who lives in Busselton generally repairs and advises on the bus (and all our other technical matters) . Ian even bought another bus of the same make at the wreckers, so he can easier replace and repair our bus!

John Vukovich ( Bunbury) has painted and repaired the truck this year and generally looks after all the equipment, renews and repairs things and keeps track.

At the moment Peter Shooter is repairing our lights.

All these delightful people above have been doing this work for years, out of love for the great walk and what it stands for, gives us, and how it enriches our lives and our community.

Then ofcourse there are the wonderful people that organize all the walks which we enjoy, and we are very excited that Lorreta ( a new member yes!!! ) is organizing the next walk, with Debbie’s help!

Other things that would be great if they get done is ; lots of our information put on the computer/web, like menu’s, how to organize a walk info and so on.

Help look after the bus, bring to the garage, down south, to who want’s to hire it, get a small truck license ( not hard) so you can drive the bus. Help maintain the block in Nannup.

I can not think of other things but by the time you call me I am sure I will have remembered!

So it would be great to see you at the next committee meeting, or just hear from you,

But first, see you at Sandy Cove!! Happy New Year,

Love Jozina