Monday 20th July to Thursday 30th July 2020

This walk will be exploring and enjoying National Park gorges formed
over the last 400 million years by the Murchison River and the Indian Ocean cliffs and water of the mid- west coral coast .

Itinerary – subject to modification

Day 1 Monday, 20th July – Depart Busselton At 7:30am from 18 Isaacs Street Busselton, parking available for vehicles while we are away. Pick up along the route (only) leaving early (more info can be provided). Please bring your own lunch, water & snacks for the day. Travel to Kalbarri. Comfort and lunch stop and short walk along the way. Arrive late at old Warrabanno chimney mine site (56 k’s out of Kalbarri) for few days of free bush camping and river walking. Start set up of camp.

Day 2 Tuesday, 21st July – Warrabanno Chimney. Finish campsite 1 set up. Explore the old Warrabanno chimney and heritage area and walk west along Murchison River. Swim where we find a good spot.

Day 3 Wednesday 22nd July – Inland Murchison River. Keep exploring the heritage area and walk east along Murchison River. Swim where we find a good spot.

Day 4 Thursday 23rd July Meanarra Hill Lookout Loop 1.6 km loop features great forest setting. Mouth of the Murchison From town walk north east up river – swim at the mouth in river or ocean anywhere that works.

Day 5 Friday 24th July – Move Camp Pack up camp together . Truck travels very short trip west towards town and 2nd Camp site at Murchison House Station on the Murchison River. Set up campsite. Z bend – National Park.

Short Walk – Z Bend lookout overhangs a sharp bend in the Murchison River and can be reached via a 600- metre walk trail from the car park (1.2 k’s return) to enjoy spectacular views of the Murchison River gorge from an overhanging rock formation.

Medium Walk – Then those with good level of fitness can hike from the lookout down into the gorge itself meandering between boulders and river red gums to reach the Murchison River’s edge for a swim and the lunch break. Take extreme care in this gorge risk area for 2.6 km return and see the tight Z bends carved into Tumblagooda Sandstone contrasting against the blue water colour. Take an hour to descend down into the gorge climbing over boulders , through passages and down ladders , and keep a look out for the endemic wildflower
species Kalbarri Spider Orchid as well as many other wildflowers Pink Poker , Flame Grevillea, Starflowers and many more orchids and
flowering natives. When returning to the carpark ensure you take
the time to sit back and relax, and use the BBQ facilities to enjoy a meal if we want.

Long Walk – More strenuous again and the gorge descent ends at a location known as Four Ways . This return journey is more difficult with lots of rock under foot at 6km return. Beautiful billabong at the end.

Day 6 Saturday 25 th July Kalbarri Skywalk – Inyaka Wookai Watju Site (The west loop) – opened June 2020 Natures Window and the Loop – National Park
Nature’s Window, a wind- eroded opening in the layered sandstone, frames a view of the river. Note: can be approx. 10 degrees warmer in the gorge

Short walk – is a moderate 800 metre return walk from the carpark.

Full walk – will continue further into the gorge system and complete the eight kilometre Loop Trail – a challenging but spectacular walk.
Along the way you’ll pass vantage points that provide different perspectives on the switchback course of the Murchison River.
Start s with walk along the cliffs, then a slow descent to the river. End part is sandy with an easy ascent back to the window. Overall pretty
easy trail with only one spot that is bit dodgy.

Day 7 Sunday, 26 th July – Bigurda Trail – Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock and Pot Alley – National Park (8 k’s one way) (Easy walk)
Arrange bus drop off south of Kalbarri township at Eagle Gorge where a long stretch of coastal cliffs and ocean butt s up agains t the ancient Australian landmass , creating steep chasms, rocky inlets and bizarre formations , as it relentlessly carves away at the multi- coloured
layers of sandstone and limestone. Walk south along the Bigurda Trail which follows the coastline clifftops between Eagle Gorge and
Natural Bridge, providing stunning coastal views, taking 3 to 5 hour s and finishing up at the Natural Bridge for bus pick up. A string of
lookouts dots the impressive trail and from July to November you may spot migrating whales. Closer to town are Pot Alley, Rainbow Valley,
Mushroom Rock and Red Bluff.

Day 8 Monday, 27th July – Town and Town Beaches and Hawks Head – National Park Red Bluff is a famous surfing and fishing
location and is accessible via a walking trail from Kalbarri (5.5km one way) which takes us to the start of the Bigurda Trail. Jake’s Point is another famous spot along the way and fairly close to town.
At the back of town (?) a short path leads to Hawks Head lookout for expansive views of the gorge. Walk from carpark is 0.2 k return.

Day 9 Tuesday, 28th July – Island Rock, Castle Cove and Natural Bridge Lookout – National Park. Great place for a picnic while in stunning surroundings . Two clifftop lookouts are great for spotting marine life including whales and dolphins . The resilient Island Rock was once par t of the shoreline but now stands as a solitary sea stack. Natural Bridge is on the southern trailhead of the Bigurda Trail. 2 k’s return.

Day 10 Wednesday 29th July – National Park Ross Graham Lookout Named after the first headmaster of the local school who was a passionate advocate for the need to protect the gorge s . 0.8 k return to river pools and picnic spot with toilets. Eagle Gorge Lookout offers the chance to see wildlife and bird watching. Looking out on a nice little cove. 1.4 k return. Shellhouse and Grandstand – National Park Continual pounding claims massive soft limes tone coast leaving remnant formations which glow in the late afternoon as the setting sun shines on the faces. 0.6 k return Do clean up and start to pack up camp together .

Day 11 Thursday 30th July Pack up camp together , and travel home feeling fully recharged by nature’s wonders and power and the joy of being together in community on the land and in the river and ocean
Contacts and Further Information

Joanne Toovey 0406 370 710
Sue Casey 0401 300 886

Registrations :
Vera Ross 0401 403 451 ASAP to ensure an easy
and good booking at 2nd campsite)

Food Coordination:
Sue Casey 0401 300 886
sue.cas and Vera Ross 0401 403 451
Truck and Equipment : Wally maybe?)

Walk, Camp sites and other queries : Joanne Toovey 0406 370 710
How to get to Campsite 1 – Warrabanno Chimney old mine site
Turn left on old Kalbarri turnoff road and follow Greatwalk signs to camp.
Campsite 2 – Murchison House Station- 5618 Ajana- Kalbarri Rd, Kalbarri
Travel west from campsite 1 and follow signs to standard camping area. Lookout for great walk signs.