Summer Camps Boranup then Tribal Grounds (Nannup)

Boranup 28th Dec. 2020 to 6th Jan 2021. Then over to Nannup Tribal Grounds: 6th Jan. to 11th Jan. (or stay longer)

The first campsite is adjacent to the Boranup Forest and close to Hamelin Bay on private property 20 kms north of Augusta. We have had two previous summer camps here. It is a lovely spot and there are plenty of activities and many beautiful areas just a short GWN bus ride away. We will take the GWN bus and the truck will have our usual camp requisites. We ask that you bring a box of food (about $40-$50 worth) to use in shared meals. A payment of $15 is also asked to pay for bus fuel and to buy extra food as needed.

AGM and OGM Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) to start at Sunday 3rd January. Solely to elect new committee. Immediately to be followed by the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) for any other general business.


Memberships are due ($20 a year) which are required for insurance purposes and can be paid at the camp,

For more information

Contact us by email: Check out the website including Katrins Story of last summer camp under – walks – great walk stories .