23rd April to the 7th May

School Holidays

Camping 4 nights at Warroora Station

Then Camping at Ningallo station Point Billie

The Great Walk Bus will going departing from Fremantle. It will also be possible to catch public transport, Bus, Flight to areas where the walk can pick you up. We will be providing details and pick up secludes closer to departure. It will also be possible to drive private vehicles up. Conventional 2WD drive vehicles can reach/come close to all our camp sites however some of the roads may be heavily corrugated, it may be possible to arrange pick up. Details will be posted closer to the walk

Costs -the walk will make every effort to keep costs down however because of transport costs to remote site the walk will cost more than normal. Site will be updated as soon as we have costing details.

From Debbie Hay


It has taken a fair bit of organising to get this walk happening but at last it has come together. I am getting so excited just thinking about the beauty of such wilderness with white pristine sandy beaches, rugged ranges, wide open spaces, bird life, native fauna, underwater coral gardens with colourful fish, whale sharks, turtles and living in harmony with nature. If that is not enough to wet your appetite just think about doing this all with Great Walk people and the wonderful sense of community that we create living, eating and having fun together. I can assure you that this will be one of those walks that people will be talking about with a sense of wonder and fulfillment.

We have had to charge a little more for this walk as we are travelling further so it costs more for fuel, wear and tear on our wonderful vehicles that carry us along and we have also hired an extra 12 seater that is expensive. So we have room in our 2 vehicles for 32 people so the first ones in to register will get a seat and then after that you will need to bring your own vehicle. We will have a limit of 50 people mainly because of water – we will need to travel a fair distance to fill up our water tank. Also food is another thing that will be hard to replenish & we will need to travel to Exmouth for extra supplies.

The committee has decided on camping at the 2 stations because we will not be in areas that are very crowded. We also could not camp at Cape Range National Park with such a big group and we could not book so the uncertainty of not knowing made us decide on station camping. There will not be any shade so bring along sun shades & umbrellas if you are sun sensitive. There could be mosquitoes & flies so natural repellent would be best for people who are sensitive to sprays like aerogard. Don’t forget to bring your snorkelling equipment and binoculars as there is plenty of bird life. Please keep your luggage to a minimum as it should be hot so clothes can be worn repeatedly. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the organisers.

Contacts: Rego – Vera Ross – 0401403451, Food – Debbie Hay – 0416396096, others queries – Marina 0427411294

Up Date 18 April

The map book with maps, itinerary and contacts is now available


Up Date : 19 March

The Great Walk Committee revived Feedback that the Cost Structure for Ningaloo was to expensive for some people with Children

Consequently the Committee has decided to reduce the cost for children under 14 to $25/day

We are also offering an Early Bird Discount for Registrations recived before 8 April. The Early Bird fee structure will be:

Adult waged $45

Unwaged $40

Children under 14 $30

Children under 8 $20

The early bird will be until Friday the 8th April. After that date the normal fee will apply.

We have also decided to offer kayaking on the 29th April. This was am extremely popular activity in the Kimberley . There is only one day that the organiser Hal can do it as he has a school group after that. We will leave Waroora Station a day earlier so we can fit it in. The cost will be $40 per person and will be for half a day kayaking up Yardie Gorge with the option of snorkelling about 1 km out to sea.

Walk Itinerary

Day 1

Saturday 23rd April

Departing from Pinakarri, 4 Bottrill Street, Hamilton Hill at 6.30am. We will be taking the coast road. Please bring your own lunch, water & snacks for the day. Camp site that night to be advised.

Day 2

Easter Sunday 24th April

Travelling north to arrive at Warroora Station and camping at 14 mile camp site which is 10km south of Coral Bay. Please bring your own Easter egg rabbits/bilbys.

Day 3 – Day 6

Monday the 25th – Thursday the 28th April

There will be plenty of activities like snorkelling, swimming and walking to the Lagoon with rock pools close by. Black Moon Cliff is another day’s planned walk which is perched high above the Ningaloo reef with breathtaking panorama views and access to the beach. Elle’s Beach has snorkelling close to the beach and on the itinerary. Steven’s Surf Break will be worth a look especially if we can body surf. Check out www.waroora.com.au On one of these days we could go into Coral Bay particularly if we think there would be better snorkelling there.

Day 6

Thursday the 28th April

Moving camp to Ningaloo Station which is approx 40 – 50 kms north of Waroora Station. We will be camping right on the beach at Point Billy. Check out Ningaloo Station website.

Day 7 Friday 27 April

Kiayacking The cost will be $40 per person and will be for half a day kayaking up Yardie Gorge with the option of snorkelling about 1 km out to sea.

Day 9

Sunday 1st May

Possibility of whale shark tour. The cost will be $390 for Adult and $270 for children. There is a family rate. You will need to ring and book & pay for the tour yourself. I spoke to Whale shark-n-Dive free call 1800 224 060 & they have vacancies on that day. We will only be going into Exmouth on that day unless you have your own transport or we decide otherwise. It will take nearly 2 hours to get there & tours start at 9.30am. I spoke to the owner of Ningaloo Station & he said that fishermen staying at the station will take us out on their boats to snorkel with the whale sharks! Now this is entirely up to you & we don’t know until we get there what the situation will be. Walking and playing at the beach.

Day 10

Monday the 2nd May

The owner of the station says that there are ranges about 2klm east of our camp spot that are interesting to walk in. So we will explore and walk there from our camp site.

Day 11

Tuesday the 3rd May

Travelling north along Minilya Exmouth Road to Charles Knife Gorge. The road follows the razor backed ridges of the range and provides breathtaking downward views into the stark multicoloured gorges. This is interesting red rock country with good views.

Day 12

Wednesday the 4th May

Rest day to catch up with each other, swimming and snorkelling. If you would like to conduct a workshop please contact the orgainsers. If there is enough interest a vehicle could go to Cape Range National Park to snorkel at Turquoise Bay.

Day 13

Thursday the 5th May

Taking the same route as Tuesday but driving a bit further north to Shothole Canyon. The gravel road into the canyon meanders over dry creek beds along the gorge floor and offers close examination of the colourful rock layers of the sheer canyon walls.

On both days we will explore the area with the help of our GPS.

Day 14

Friday the 6th May

Packing up camp and leaving early to return home. Camping at a place to be decided that night.

Day 15

Saturday the 7th May

Arriving home probably late at night.

Food – Debbie Hay – 0416396096,

other queries – Marina 0427411294

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We will make day trips into Cape Ranger National Park and can :

Snorkel in turquoise bay

Explore Yardie Creek

Check out the Canyons

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