The Great Walk Network (GWN) Tribal Grounds are on the outskirts of Nannup and available for the use of GWN members.

Informal camps are help throughout the year to gather members and enjoy the peace and space of the land, and the connection and community of being together.

GWN membership (annual or temporary) is necessary when coming to the Tribal Grounds. Camping options are also available.

Tribal Grounds Events

How to get involved

GWN are a group of enthusiasts and volunteers. We continue to maintain the land, and where appropriate improve the facilities at the Tribal Grounds. We always welcome willing hands to take on particular tasks, including working bees from time to time.

Membership and Camping

Annual GWN membership is $20 for an individual and $35 for a family. This annual membership covers visits to the Tribal Grounds and attendance at walk events.

A temporary one day membership to attend the Tribal Grounds is also available for $5 per day for short stays.


The land that the Great Walk Network cares for and calls its Tribal Ground, was a generous donation from John Thomson. John had a long career in forestry in Western Australia. Before his retirement he became critical of forestry practices and after his retirement he became outspoken about mining in jarrah forest, and clearfelling and woodchipping in karri forest.

John joined two local conservation groups, the Campaign to Save Native Forests and the South-West Forests Defence Foundation, soon after they were formed. He attended meetings regularly; wrote to newspapers; spoke publicly and made many trips to the forest to support campaigns.

John’s wealth of knowledge and lifelong experience in forestry were invaluable to both groups and greatly increased their credibility. John received honourary life memberships to these organisations, and later to the Friends of the Tuart Forest. After donating the land that is now the Tribal Grounds, John became patron of the Great Walk Network.

(Details from an article by Andrew Thomson and Beth Shultz, John Thomson: Tree Man)

Contact Person

Seda is the co-ordinator for the GWN Tribal Grounds. Please contact Seda using this form.