Katrins summer camp story

The Great Walk started this new decade with a relaxing, fun,
well-attended summer camp amongst the magnificent trees of the South
West. Our host, Malcolm Mortimer, welcomed us to his much loved and
cared for property in Boranup Forest. This energy of being cared for was
mirrored in the land and the trees. Everyone got to pitch their tent –
or the increasing range of campervans and luxurious camper-trailers as
it may be – under a luscious canopy of trees. A peaceful environment to
wake up to and to hang out in. Even the odd lime green frog visiting a
tent to bathe our eyes on. Malcolm treated us to his a solar
bush-shower, nestled amongst the trees – a highlight for many. We had
varied outings, bush-walking in Boranup Forest of course, and swimming
at stunning Hamelin Bay. What a location to be able to enjoy all of
this. One particular outing was guided by Malcolm to a huge area of
grass trees buzzing with life force, as far as the eye can see. This was
moving and awe-inspiring. We also made a Mandala on Malcolm’s property
as a thank you from us. It was well-received. Much fun erupted at the
photo-shooting session of us perched around the Mandala, with Fox
climbing a near-by tree with unexpected sights. The summer camp
continued at our beautiful tribal grounds.

It is funny how we’ve
had this long-standing discussion if camping chairs are too luxurious
and perhaps seen to be not grounding enough for the Great Walk – I don’t
recall this discussion being extended to moving up from tents to camper
vans. The humble camping chair might have been a trail blazer. Alas,
the Great Walk does well to go with the flow regarding change and
evolution. After all, we are an aging community. Perhaps not as much
though any more fortunately since Fox’s Great Walk of Peace has
connected us with new, young people who are passionate about the values
of the GWN. We are also delighted to welcome Great Walkers, who were
raised being part of our community as kids and teenagers, coming back –
now with the next generation. The camp enjoyed the lively energy of
Vera’s grandson Toby, who brought much joy to everyone with his cheeky
smile and bright answers and seeing Leon, her son, back for the first
time in over twenty years.

A special thank you and gratitude to
Carolyn, our ‘queen’ as she has become being referred to, for the first
year of being our engaged convenor and, fortunate for us, for continuing
her role this year. Much gratitude also to our office bearers, old and
new, for their time and energy. Special appreciation to our long-term
office bearers Ian and Wally, who devote much time and energy to looking
after our equipment and tribal grounds respectively, whose dedication
to the Great Walk has ensured that we get to keep going.

attendance of the meetings, despite being held in the morning, our usual
walking time, was good, and some members travelled specifically to
attend the AGM. It’s inspiring to see such dedication. Much ground was
covered at the two meetings, one the AGM, the other a general meeting,
including the next April Walk. Watch the space. Some innovation in terms
of the organisation of the food is on the cards. It worked so well at
summer camp that everyone brought a box of food, little else had to be
bought at the shops, only a select few items, that the idea was born to
try this out

for the next Walk, with the added bonus that it will keep fees down. Hopefully we get to see you there!