Summer camps are a tradition over New Year. Part of the camp is usually held at the Great Walk Tribal Grounds near Nannup.

These camps tend to be informal, with no organised walks, and responsive to what people want to do each day. Food preparation can be similar. Most campers cook together, but some may cook individually.

Each night and morning, there is a ‘circle’ to coordinate activities and food and transport needs. We bring our bus and the truck, with cooking gear and a few hundred litres of water. Non-perishable items are available from the dry store on the truck.

We ask campers to please bring their own perishable food to contribute to meals (a box of about $40-$50 worth of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, dairy, etc.) as well as any specific items for special dietary needs.

Summer camp fees are $15 a day (children are free). The Annual GWN membership fee ($20 individual or $35 per family for a year) will be required. Membership covers visits to the Tribal Grounds and walks in the coming year.

Online registrations are encouraged to guarantee your spot and to pay your membership fee. If you wish to extend beyond your initial stay, you can pay for extra days in cash at the camp.