The Great walk of peace is a separate group that Great Walk Network supported by joining as a group for the first 10 days, and lending their vehicles and equipment to. Several members of Great Walk Network (GWN) walked with the Great Walk of Peace for longer periods of time. Below is the original outline for the Great Walk of Peace . Please see their Facebook page and Website for more details

Current Outline

Schedule Walk For Forests

Base Camp Beginning                 

Pat – 45 Walmsley Road – Gledhow 27th-30th September

29th September  Sun

Opening Ceremony at Peace Park in Albany. Walk up York St as a parade and back to Camp

7.8km (see Walk 1 A and B) Sound healing and Meditation with Pat

30th Sep Mon

Move Camp and walk to 6 Brassey St –with Mikka Elleker

 (see Walk 2  A and B)   11.5km (or 17km if we choose)

Tue 1st October

Move camp and walk to 43 Shelley Beach Road with Andy.  Kronkup

(see Walk 3 A and B)     14.3km

Wed 2nd October

Rest day around Andy’s place – Explore Cosy Corner.

Thu 3rd October

Move camp/Walk down Bib track to 49 Knapp Head Road – Marie   Lowlands

(see Walk 4 A and B)    20.5km

Fri 4th October

 Move Camp – Walk on to Bib Track and onto 3591 Lower Denmark Road – Paul Jacks

(see Walk 5)         22.7km (or 12.8km along Munda Biddi) Youngs sidings

Sat 5th October

Rest and kids activity day/event planning for 7th October

Sun 6th October 

Move Camp and Walk to 11 Sunny Glen Road – Tony Pedro Hay

(see Walk 6)        15.7km

Mon 7th October

Walk in to Denmark for International day of Rebellion – Climate Change parade through Denmark. Bus back to Tony Pedro’s for celebration

(See Walk 7)                    7.7km on Bibbulmun   9.4km on Munda Biddi Trail

Tue 8th October

Slow day – Bus into Denmark to continue walk

Move Camp /Walk to Sheralee’s– 665 Lights Rd  Ocean Beach 8.4km

GW Bus departs back to Perth (See Walk 8)

Wed 9th October

Move Camp/Walk to Parry Beach Campground – Parry rd Parryville   14.2km

(See Walk 9)

Thur 10th October

Move Camp/Walk to Boat Harbour Boat Harbour rd     Parryville

(See walk 10) 11.5km

Fri 11th October

Rest Day

Sat 12th  October

Move Camp/Walk to Penny and Haiko’s – 261 Ficifolia rd   Peaceful Bay

(See walk 11a and b)      23.3km

Sun 13th  October     *Full moon celebration

 Move Camp/Walk to 251 Dingo Flat Road – Anne Pedro                     Hazelvale

(See walk 12a and b)      20km

Mon 14th October          *Talking Circle

Walk to Giant Tingle tree, transport back to Anne Pedro’s

(See walk 13)     11.7km

Tue 15th  October

Move camp to Angie’s – 355 North Walpole road,

Walkers transported to Giant Tingle tree, walk to Town hall for Talk/Forum – 12.30-16.00 at the town hall,  8.4km

 chance of celebratory music afterwards at Angie’s.

Walkers have choice of walking to camp, or riding with transport – 5.3km  total – 13.7km

(See walk 14a and b) North Walpole

Wed 16th  October

Rest day

Thu 17th  October

Move Camp/Walk to Gardiner Road   

(See walk 15a and b) 15.5km   North Walpole

Fri 18th October

Move camp/Walk to Fernhook Falls – Beardmore rd

(See walk 16a and b) 12.8km North Walpole

Sat 19th October

Activity day

 Sun 20th October

Move Camp/Walk to Mossop road camp           Mt Frankland Nat park

(See walk 17a and b) 17.2km (or 19 if we choose secondary spot)  

Mon 21st  October

Move Camp/Walk to Shannon Campground – Lower Shannon rd Shannon

(Option of having rest day or day trip instead)

(See walk 18a and b) 21.8km (or 19 if we choose secondary spot)

Tue 22nd October

Move Camp/Walk to 1857 Boorara rd      Kay and Ken’s        Northcliffe

 (See Walk 18 ii or Walk 19a and b)

(From Shannon Campground 22km or Mossop road camp 26.3km)

Wed 23rd October

Rest day/activity day

Thur 24th  October

Move camp/Walk to Sid’s campground     Riverway rd Northcliffe

(See walk 20)     21km

Fri 25th  October

Move camp to 3690 Wheatley Coast rd Paul Owens          Crowea

 Walk into Northcliffe for talk, 6.6km then to camp – 3.2km

 (See walk 21)     9.8 km total

Sat 26th  October

Move camp/Walk to River Road bridge – river rd            Collins

(See walk 22)    23km

Sun 27th October

Move Camp/Walk to Mark’s Farmstay   129 Pump Hill rd Pemberton

(See walk 23)   20km

Mon 28th October                     *New Moon

Rest/Service day

Tue 29th October

Move camp/Walk to Casuarina Valley Orchard   Etherington Road   Manjimup

(See walk 24 A, B and C)   22.5km

Wed 30th October

Move camp/Walk to Greens Island Campground      Glenoran

 (See walk 25 A, B and C)   22km

Thur 31st October

Don’t dam the Donnelly discussion

Fri 1st November

Move Camp/Walk to Donnelly River village Or Clear Fell     Donnelly river

18km (via Munda Biddi trail) 

(See Walk 26A and B)

Sat  2nd November

Move camp/Walk to Great Walk Tribal Grounds – Chalwell rd            Carlotta

 (from either DRV or Clear Fell)

(See walk 28 A 1 and 28 B 1 or 28 A 2 and 28 B 2) 22km  or 12.4km

 Sun 3rd November

Rest day/Settle in   Training – Compassionate Communications  for discussion forum

Mon 4th November

Service day/rest day/Work day/general activity day

Tue 5th November

Move Camp/Walk to Merri Bee’s farm   6203 Thomas rd Nannup

(Walk 29 A and B)                     14.8km

Wed 6th November

Walk into town for Discussion Forum  Celebration at pub after, bus back to Merri Bee’s

Nannup    (see Walk 29 C)  3.3km

Thur 7th November

Day’s work at Merri Bee’s/ Bike Festival interaction (potential to head to Old Golf course to settle in) 

Fri  8th November

Move Camp/Walk to Old Golf Course – old cundinup rd & Milward circuit    Cundinup

(See Walk 30 A and B)  9.3km                    (Celebration at Loose Goose Chalets?)

Sat  9th November

Settle in /Rainbow gathering interaction/wiggle room/Angel Walk?

Learn about Land potential connection with people from Wardandi country

 Day trip availability/Workshop and sharing of knowledge

Sun 10th November

Day’s Walk through Barrabup, connecting with the original Bibbulmun track

Mon 11th November

Move Camp/Walk to Lewana Cottages – 1435 Balingup-Nannup rd Lewana

(Walk 31A and B)          19.3km

Tues 12th November

Move Camp/Walk to Jeff Pow’s  1200 Southampton rd   Southampton      *Full moon celebration          (See Walk 32)     14.4km

Wed 13th November

Day’s work/talk and rest at Jeff Pow’s place/ Nature Connection with Claire Vanderplank?

 Thurs 14th November

Move Camp/Walk to East Wind Farm – 21 Airstrip rd                 Balingup

(See Walk 33 A and B)  18.8km

Fri 15th November

Move Camp/Walk to Jochen and Uta’s –    509 Ammon Rd   Balingup

(See Walk 34 A and B)    14.3km

Sat 16th November

Celebration/party at Jochen and Uta’s

Sun 17th November

Move Camp/Walk to Windmill Gully    windmill gully rd & Grimwade rd Wilga

(See Walk 35 A and B)              13.7km

Mon 18th November

Move Camp/Walk to Barrie and Sherry’s   416 Lowden-Grimwade rd      Lowden

(See Walk 36 A and B)              13.3km

Tue 19th November

Visit Wellington National Park/Talk about Forestry Industry with Wendy Perdon

Wed 20th November

Move Camp/Walk to Glen Mervyn Campsite – Glen Mervyn

(See Walk 37 A, B and C)         16.8km

Thur 21st November

Move Camp/Walk to 596 Collie River Scenic Drive – Nick (otherwise see alternative) *TBC

(See Walk 38 A and B)  17.3km  (19.5km – alternative)                   Collie

Fri 22nd November

Move Camp/Walk to Glen road – Ken Waterhouse         Palmer

(See Walk 39 A and B)              20km or 25km

Saturday 23rd November

Rest/talk/ activity

Sun 24th November

Move Camp/Walk to Treesville (Trees rd & Pardoo rd)    Yourdamung Lake

(See Walk 40 A and B)  24km

Mon 25th November

Move Camp/Walk to Tumlo – 1.8km East NE of Harvey-Quindanning rd & Chalk Rd

  Upper Murray              (See Walk 41 A and B)  24.6km

Tue 26th November     *New Moon

Move Camp/Walk to Lane Poole Reserve camp   *TBC   Lane Poole Reserve


Wed 27th November

Move Camp/Walk to Nanga Bush Camp (or Nanga Mill Campground)  Lane Poole Reserve

25.5km or 20km

Thu 28th November

Rest Day

Fri 29th November

Move Camp/Walk to Marrinup Camp Site Marrinup rd & Grey Rd Marrinup

(See Walk 44 A and B) 12.4 km or 20km   

Meeting with Corina And Hayden- traditional custodians of Pinjarra region

Sat 30th Nov

Move Camp/Walk to Fairbridge Village       Fairbridge

(See Walk 45 A and B)  19km or 23km

Sun 1st Dec

Move Camp/Walk to Whittaker        (or Rob and Lizzy’s)      Whittaker *TBC

(See Walk 46  A and B)       20km or 13.5km 

Mon 2nd Dec

Move Camp/Walk to 15 Gobby Rd – Myaravale              Myara

(See Walk 47  A and B)       20km or 13.5km

Tue 3rd Dec

Day’s Work at Myaravale/meditation at Serpentine Monastery

Wed 4th Dec

 Move Camp/Walk to 212 Jubb Rd  Alan star             Jarrahdale

(See Walk 48  A, B and C)                 22.4km

Thurs 5th Dec

 Day’s work at Alan Star’s property Ceremony?

Fri 6th Dec

Move camp/Walk to Karrakup Koorliny   79 Manjedal st Karrakup

(See Walk 49)     9.4km 

Sat 7th Dec

Move Camp/Walk to 213 Soldeirs Rd Eileen Severin  sweat lodge?             Roleystone

(See Walk 50 A, B and C) 21.2km

Sunday 8th Dec

Move Camp/Walk to Karaakin –   322 Mills rd East                   Martin

Workshop/ Talk about Black Cockatoos

 (See Walk 50)    8.4km

Mon 9th Dec

Move Camp/Walk to 50 Mitchell Road – Bill and Lynda             Walliston

(See Walk 52 A and B)           17.5km

Tues 10th Dec

Move Camp/Walk to 9 Brae St    Nick P                     High Wycombe

(See Walk 53 A and B)

Wed 11th Dec

Rest recoupe and Celebration

Thurs 12th Dec

Final Day’s preparation for perth Walk and Concert

Fri 13th Dec We will walk to Forest Chase at 16.00, arriving there at 16.30, where we will meet with XR for a song and dance celebration, a singing circle, and a meditation until 18.00 the final Walk,Heirisson island at 18.00 .