How wonderful it was to visit the Tribal Grounds again. I loved the journey from Freo through the pouring rain to the quaint little town of Nannup.

We were welcomed by Rona who had settled in keeping the fire going in the warm comfortable and clean house. We went to look at the new dam and the jetty that Ian and Wally are building and one on the opposite side that Pierre and friends are planning leading onto a deck and walkway over the creek which is still in the pipeline.

It was amazing to look up to see the opening up of the hill where the pine trees had been thinned. Such an improvement with more light and space. We wandered over to Pierre’s abode where he was sitting cross legged in front of a fire.

Gradually more people arrived Vera and Shelly set up camp in the house. As well as doing lots of work around the property, Wally has also added homely touches to the homestead with a double and a single bed, a couch, an oval dining table and 6 matching chairs.

So the planting began with lots of us supporting and helping each other to get the plants in the ground, put in the wire surrounds and bang in the stakes to support them. It was raining and muddy but the job got done. Yeah! There was a huge pile of waste wood just waiting to be lit to create the biggest and highest bonfire I have ever seen.

Planting at Tribal Grounds 2022

After dinner we all sat around watching the fire changing shape and throwing extra wood onto it sending up sparks into the night sky. Om to Wally and to everyone who was there.

Love hugs and peace to you all
Debbie Hay

Tribal Grounds 2022