Over the past 6 years the Great Walk Network has organised walks that support the Gondwana Link.

Gondwana sunrise – Gerard

Gondwana Link is a landscape scale vision involving individuals and local, regional and national groups. We are working together to achieve reconnected country across south-western Australia in which entire ecosystems, and the fundamental ecological processes that underpin them, are restored and maintained.

Gondwana Link groups are:

· restoring ecological connectivity across south-western Australia, from the woodlands of the drier interior to the tall wet forests in the far south-west corner;

· protecting and re-planting bushland over more than 1,000 kilometres; and

· building a living link that reaches eastward across the continent.”

Reference www.gondwanalink.org

Gondwana Great Walks have included:

2004: Fitzgerald to Stirlings

2006 Stirling Ranges National Park to Blue Lake in the Mt Lindesay National Park.

2008 Great Western Woodlands: Hyden to Norseman

2009 Ravensthorpe Ranges to Fitzgerald River National Park

2012 Norseman Great Western Woodland Walk

All these walks have had a focus on supporting the conservation vision of Gondwana Link. Green Skills (www.greenskills.org.au) has helped partner some of these walks, in its role of facilitating the Forests to Stirling section of Great Walk.

There is something special about walking the country along the 1000km arc of the Gondwana Link. Our songs around the evening campfire become part of the project of healing; healing ourselves and healing the wounds of land.

For further information contact Basil 98481815 ah or basils@wn.com.au

Cheers , Basil